Inspirational Goaling?

Ideal for those who want a prosperous, fulfilling and meaningful life to unfold with more inner peace, confidence, ease and soul connection

  • Inspirational Goaling is an internal state of living happily in ‘now time’ while planning for a flexible tomorrow
  • Inspirational Goaling teaches Logical Spirituality. We are eternal spiritual beings in a temporary, earthbound physical body. Both need to be fed and nurtured.
  • Inspirational Goaling is not a ‘will power’ practice. You experience no struggle or fear of failure.
  • Inspirational Goaling teaches you how to choose healthy goals vs. stressful goals in an instant based on four, simple criteria.
  • Inspirational Goaling sets you free with the understanding of your unconscious, primary, life goal and the unconscious driving fear that holds you back.
  • Inspirational Goaling introduces you to who you truly are and your unique purpose for being on planet Earth at this time in history.


My Personal Story of How Inspirational Goaling Came to Be


Inspirational goaling trip to Nepal Teen monks

I was born with a ‘git’ er done’, git ‘er done right’ and git ‘er done now’ drive. So you might say I’m a goal setter and as a young woman, I enthusiastically adopted this system in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

However, I really never felt accomplished. Rather, I felt exhausted, fearful that I would fail, and I always hated, resented and stumbled when it came to putting a date on this goal expectation. It’s as if this part wasn’t my call, it felt very uncomfortable, like I was trying to force events over which I had no right or abilities to control.

But I did it because all those ‘experts’ told me I needed to do this if I was to succeed. I mean, who doesn’t love the bible of business, “Think and Grow Rich”; who was I to question it?

So I slogged on and occasionally managed to achieve some of these goals with sheer, dogged will power. When I did, it made me happy for about 3 seconds! And I began to wonder if it was really worth all the pushing and struggle to keep doing this over and over again.

It just did not feel good. Wasn’t getting something I really wanted supposed to make me happy? All these highly successful people told me it would, so something must be wrong with me.

Inspirational Goaling dollar in flames

So I set out to be ‘fixed’, paid gurus many thousands of dollars to do it, to teach me the magic formulas and show me how to succeed in my chosen field. What did I end up with? Thousands of dollars of debt and a feeling of abject failure.

I lived with that for a while before doing something so uncharacteristic that I shocked everyone who knew me. I felt I had to do something so far out of my comfort zone, so risky for ‘practical’ me, just to feel alive and worthy.

I left my daily comforts in the developed world and travelled alone, halfway around the world to live among the Buddhist monks of Nepal, and teach them English.

The outcome, due to the synergistic energies of my experiences in Nepal set me on a totally new course of discovery and I was compelled to write a book about it.

I’ve not followed any particular religious doctrine, but my spirituality deepened and I actually began to come across the works of other writers who felt as I did regarding the lack of a spiritual component and the rate of failure people were feeling with the lack of success in accomplishing their goals.

The experience in Nepal didn’t magically give me all the answers I was seeking, but it set me on a path for the answers to discover me.


Why does traditional goal setting work for only 3% of the population?

Inspirational goaling Brain-green

Goal Setting, as we have been taught throughout the past 70 years or so hasn’t delivered well, but I’d consider it the kindergarten phase of our growth in this area.

Goal Setting actually creates chronic stress in a world that is already overloaded with it and it also sets us up for failure, and here’s why.

With Goal Setting you are told to decide what you want, make a plan to get it and put the plan into action. Simple right? So why do statistics reveal that this only works for about 3% of people who follow this?

Well, firstly, your conscious mind follows the guidelines to focus on your expectation with the recommended vision board, affirmations and writing them down with a date of delivery stamped on it. And, it’s at this point that willpower is supposed to take over to work your plan.

Secondly, willpower is totally dependent on your conscious mind, which is only between 3% to 8% of your brain depending on which research you read.

Your unconscious mind is 92% to 97% of your brain and a million times stronger than your conscious mind so which one do you think is going to determine your goal outcome?

Every time, it will be the driving force deeply hidden in of your mind, the unconscious portion that has been programmed for most of your life, particularly your young life, to ‘negative’ and I ‘can’t’ beliefs.


Inspirational goaling willpowerWillpower could be better described as ‘won’t power’ or ‘force power’.

Therefore you have this struggle going on between your conscious, reasoning mind and your subconscious mind and you don’t know that this is what is actually happening.

So when you become a member of the 97% of people who don’t reach their goals, you are very stressed and consider yourself as having failed.

Any business that had a product or system with a 97% failure rate would have shelved it immediately, yet we seem to keep flogging this dead horse called ‘Goal Setting’.


Inspirational goaling blow socks offI’m going to share something that should blow your socks off…..Goal Setting has absolutely nothing to do with achieving material things, titles, positions, diplomas, money, happy relationships or any other tangible thing.

It’s so much deeper. What we really want are the feelings we hope these achievements will provide.

Therefore, the real goals are how we want to feel!


We’ve had it backwards! We have focused on things and ways of living that are supposed to give us those feelings we want (happiness, contentment, peacefulness, freedom, etc.) instead of focusing on the feelings as the goal.

In the process of goal setting, so far we have given only a token salute to the unconscious mind. We’ve been working with about 3% of our brainpower so it stands to reason that we only get about a 3% success rate.

Our reasoning, 2%, conscious mind makes up words (these are our thoughts), but if our unconscious mind doesn’t agree with them, we have a problem. Our unconscious mind has been programmed since birth and probably even while in utero. Because it cannot reason, everything it receives is viewed as absolute truth, even unhealthy things.

If you were told you were too noisy and disruptive as a child, the largest part of you totally believes it no matter how you try to tell it otherwise.

Inspirational goaling heart

Our conscious mind thinks in pictures and our unconscious mind thinks with feelings. If you have a vision board filled with pictures of wealth and you have been programmed to feel unworthy of riches, it ain’t gonna happen.

 Therefore, putting it simplistically, Inspirational Goaling will be a journey of the discovery of YOU, the honest, authentic, wonderful, one of a kind, amazing YOU. And when you meet her you will be awestruck!

I find getting to know people and have them get to know me before they become a client is so comfortable and valuable for both of us. Therefore, this is your invitation to join me for a personal, one on one, hour long conversation, so I can listen to your story and give you a new direction for finding your Life At Home  contentment. Go here to begin the process

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