Clients Have Had Lovely Testimonials to Share


Clients have some lovely things to say, and we’re honoured to share…

Before Coaching:

“My life was full of questions without answers: why am I here, why can’t I get my life together, why, why, why. I did all I could to find answers by myself but was not successful. I had no clarity, direction or purpose.

After Coaching:

The best thing for me was learning the difference between setting goals and ‘goaling’. That I really have it all right now, that how I ‘feel’ is the goal, not what I have. I am working more on ‘being’ than on ‘doing’ with the knowledge that I am being guided. I am free of the frustration of constantly questioning.

My Coach:

Lynn is an amazing teacher. She helped me so much. The hours I spent with her were very valuable.”

Ruth Auriemma

Massachusetts USA

Testimonial from LiesbethLiesbeth Roolvink

Netherlands, Thailand, Cambodia



Before CoachingBefore Coaching

After coaching Tanya KutscheraI had been searching for something for so long. I contacted Lynn because I had been just doing, doing, doing, getting nowhere and was stuck in a quagmire of my own doing.

Lynn had me do an exercise where I saw myself 5 years in the future and I knew I just could not go there.


After Coaching

I have a renewed sense of moving forward; I’m now taking actions toward what I want and have clarity around wha’s at the core of me.



My Coach

Lynn has a wealth of knowledge, is direct and supportive. And she blends all this with sincere compassion.

Tanya Kutschera
Whitehorse, Yukon


Before Coaching

I had no direction and felt I was going in circles. My life was bleak and I had no hope. I was way out of touch with my feelings except for being angry and bitter with the world, my situation and myself. I realized it was all my doing that got me in it yet did not realize I could get myself out of it.


After Coaching


after coaching Sandra CullumI have such a feeling of freedom because I know my choices and directions are unlimited. I can do and go wherever I please. I’m full of the hope that has now replaced anger and my outward blaming of other people and situations. I now take full personal responsibility.

I’m happy, peaceful, content and living a life of fulfilling my purpose. My future is unbelievable and filled with blue skies and sunshine.


My Coach

Lynn has opened up my life. She has led and guided me to dealing with things I couldn’t do before. She helped me find a reason to enjoy being alive. With her coaching I found what I didn’t know existed. I’m blessed to have found her.

Sandra Cullum
Shanghai, China


Before Coaching

after coaching Sue ArisI was longing for change, felt trapped, frustrated, seeking ‘something’ I couldn’t put a name to. No matter what I was doing I felt empty. I kept thinking that if I just ‘did more’ I could fix this.


After Coaching

I have a new perspective. I’m learning that being active, (‘fixing’ the world) was not doing much for ‘me’. In the past I’ve been able to fix many external things, but now I’m able to work on the internal me. I’m learning how to ‘be’ rather than just ‘do’ and realize my busy-ness was an escape mechanism. For the first time, I’ve become acquainted with my ‘self’ and feel much more contentment.


My Coach

Lynn held spaces for me to fill in. She gave me the nouns, but I had to fill in the verbs. I thought she would provide all my answers and just give me a list of “to-do’s”, but she usually let me figure it out with her guidance; other times, not so. She didn’t let me cheat myself. I did the work because I felt it was customized and not a one-size-fits-all agenda.

During my ‘crisis’ calls when I was anxious and stressed, Lynn was calm and provided a safe place to fall. She is an extraordinary mentor.

Sue Aris

Alberta, Canada



After CoachingKerri MahanI enthusiastically and sincerely thank Lynn for all that she has given me. She is a wonderful, kind, sincere, beautiful lady… and a great Life Coach! I have grown so much and have learned so much in our months together. I thank her for all that she has done to reach out and reach into my heart and soul and for allowing me to be so transparent with her.

Kerri Mahan
Massachusetts USA



Before Coaching

after coaching Sue HullI dragged myself out of bed in the morning and with no breakfast I went to a job I hated. Then I came home and went to bed. I was really stuck and didn’t know how to get unstuck. I had lost all motivation and passion in my life, and just couldn’t fix what was wrong. I was mired down in analysis paralysis and could not make any decisions. I wasn’t looking after myself, was highly stressed, wanted to change my life and knew I was on a journey to somewhere but couldn’t figure it out.


After Coaching

I finally know who I truly am, my soul purpose and what I can do. I have a positive and loving approach to myself and I have no fear of asking for what I want. I’ve learned to create goals and live in the moment. I have a new view of my relationship with the Universe and I am proud of myself for finally reaching out and asking for help.


My Coach

Lynn is exceptional for help to believe in yourself. She helped me probe deeply into my heart and my mind, and with her intuitive ability helped me tap into who I am and the direction of my life journey. The tools she gave me will be with me the rest of my life.

Sue Hull   

Aukland, New Zealand


Before Coaching

I was feeling intense financial stress, totally stuck and I didn’t know where to go. I was constantly judging myself when, in fact, I didn’t even know who I really was. Never-ending ‘tapes’ played in my head and in order to avoid the stress created by them I would keep my life in busy-ness with such distractions as having the TV on, watching Youtube and knitting all at once. Physically and emotionally I was on stress overload. I needed to break that pattern; I needed some new tools in my toolbox because I was going nowhere fast.


After Coaching

My stress levels are way down! I have more motivation, clarity and can focus now. I know much more about myself and have finally found the ability to relax. I have new respect for myself, have set boundaries, take a lunch break every day, start work at the same time everyday and can even stop myself from working any time I wish and just go for a walk.

I’ve developed much more compassion, empathy and understanding for others as I am now cognizant of seeing things from their perspective.


My Coach

Lynn was so positive and encouraging and I looked forward to every one of our sessions. It was such an insightful experience to learn so much, especially ways to respond to other people. This has been a world of growth for me and my goal now is to keep my toolbox very close and keep living everything I have learned.

Minnesota, USA


Before Coaching

after coaching Jean BuhaMy partner and I were in a really bad place. We were not able to communicate at all and I went into being aloof and unattainable as a defense. I kept trying in my own ways but they didn’t lead anywhere and, in fact, made things worse. I didn’t know what to do next and felt so helpless. I kept thinking three words over and over: “love lies bleeding”.


After Coaching

My relationship with my partner has improved greatly. So much has changed. And it’s through nothing he has done. I always wanted him to change, but instead I’ve changed me and it’s made all the difference. As an example, whenever I bought him gifts he would always return them for something else he wanted and I’d be hurt. Now, I no longer buy him gifts but quite often I write him a little note just saying something simple like, “You are my sunshine”. He saves these and posts them around his desk. He treasures them. I’ve learned it is the simplest things that mean the most.


My Coach

Lynn is so easy to talk to. I never feel I have to struggle to be heard. I know she hears me and does not judge me. She is so intuitive and can get to a clear, bottom line quickly. She is a very good coach and teacher and I’m so glad I met her by joining her yoga class!

Jean Buha
Lloyminster, AB


Before Coaching

after coaching Eva RussellI was in a very uncomfortable place in my life when I happened to listen to an interview of Lynn in a series called “The Feminine Quest.” My emotional pain was causing feelings of contraction, depression and being trapped in my own head.

My relationship was stagnant, I was angry and sad and I was stuck in my career. I didn’t have a vision of any kind, my health had been suffering over several years and I knew I needed a change at the cellular level. I had never hired a coach previously, but listening to Lynn’s interview I felt compelled to reach out to her and ask for help. The Universe was telling me, “You need to switch things up, Girl!”


After Coaching

I realized the amazing empowerment that comes with changing me, not the people or circumstances around me. When I changed me, the positive impact has been huge. I am healthier, more motivated and making decisions that are good for me.

I feel so much better about my relationship, my career and my life: hopeful and optimistic. I’m looking from a different perspective, aligning with Universal Laws and a deeper knowledge of myself as well as recognizing I create my own thoughts. I follow the suggestions and step-by-step system Lynn teaches.

I definitely see the value in coaching. I have lots of good stuff brewing for me and I’m excited about it!

Eva Russell
New Jersey


Before Coaching

after coaching Mary PfefferI was angry and bitter, sad, lonely, even in my marriage, making myself ill with hives and ailments because I pushed my feelings down, was not being heard, trying to find things to make money because I thought I was going to relieve my pain. I was hiding from facing my spouse and what the problems were in our marriage and life and deep down I was waiting for the son of a bitch to die. I was tired of being disrespected by Adam (son), used by my daughter and feeling rejected by a distant son. I was waiting on people hand and foot, I did everything and was getting kicked in the teeth for it. No matter what I tried they didn’t respect me.


After Coaching

I have a wonderful marriage now! It’s gone from 20% To 95% very good. I have a husband who respects me and loves me totally, does not snarl and grump at me anymore. And in the rare case he does, I stand up to it now. I have courage and confidence. It’s pretty amazing, the more I work on myself the more I am able to fit into the lives of others. My hives are gone (had them 1/1/2 years). My relationship is much better with Adam because we have a better understanding of each other and I know my poor relationship with him it wasn’t all John’s fault.

Mary Pfeffer
Ontario Canada


Before Coaching

after coaching Deb SchrammI was being a doormat, a people pleasing person and I wanted to get away from that. I felt like everything and everyone was spinning around me, I couldn’t get a grip or control of anything. I couldn’t stop or escape the chaos. I felt like I was going nuts. I was so tired of taking other people’s crap. To keep the peace I would find myself pleasing them at the cost of my own self esteem.


After Coaching

I am very open and see life with much more positivity. I now see the glass half full rather than half empty. I’m at a point where I am able to talk with someone without feeling pushed back. I’m more upfront and honest and I have set boundaries. Best of all I Found My Voice!

Deb Schramm
BC Canada


Before Coaching

after coaching Penny WadeI was depressed, my life was black and white, had no colour to it. I was lonely and lost and felt like I needed an anchor to hold me steady. I felt like I was flapping around in the breeze feeling like I had no roots, no direction and no plan. There was no energy moving in my life it was just dull. I wanted to move upward and I needed a ladder to do it step by step.


After Coaching

I have direction, I feel like I’ve climbed out of the pit using that ladder. I’ve reconfirmed my belief in the value of support and friendship. I live in the assurance there will always be someone there for me every day that I trust, both in the people and the process.

Penny Wade,
BC, Canada


Lynn is very intuitive, and usually knew exactly what I ‘needed’. She helped me find many pieces of my career/life puzzle for me! Lynn has been a powerful catalyst for my growth over these last few months. Coaching just comes natural for her. Another great strength of hers is the ability to be with the client’s agenda, to be flexible, and go with whatever surfaces, rather than having an attachment to what needs to be covered in a session. She is very committed to her clients. And her humour lightens up the sessions whenever needed!

Overall I found the coaching sessions to be Supportive, deep, entertaining/humorous, thought provoking, providing growth, very empowering. Lynn’s spiritual beliefs are very similar to mine. It was wonderful and so encouraging how she managed to stay with me and what was going on with me, which was quite ‘out there’ at times!

Thanks for everything you did for me Lynn, I loved our journey!

Lynette Searle,


Excellent! I enjoyed the sessions very much. I always felt motivated and happy when we had finished. I really feel that the coaching sessions kept me moving forward. I felt good about the progress I made. The powerful part of our relationship was that conversation and dialogue came so easily. Even when we got off on a different topic, it was worthwhile and we always came back to the goal. This was my first coaching experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great introduction to the coaching world for me and I was lucky to get off to such a positive start. I would have no trouble approaching Lynn and asking her to coach me in the future.

Jen Denys,
Ontario, Canada


Lynn Moore is one of the most personable people I have met. Regardless of the situation, she is an encourager. With a positive outlook on life and great sense of humor, Lynn can always lift a spirit. With a heart for helping people, who better to be a Personal Life Coach. She’s always willing to listen and to share her expertise, knowledge and experiences in diverse ways that ultimately benefit others. Lynn is goal-oriented with a keen desire to continue to grow and learn and to always be the best that we can be. Having known Lynn for over 15 years as a customer and friend, Lynn has helped me in innumerable ways and will undoubtedly continue to make a difference in many peoples’ lives as a Personal Life Coach.

Arta Adams
President, Telescript Services Inc.
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


I knew I needed to get some clarity with my goals and as fate would have it, I met Lynn. Even with just three introductory sessions with Lynn I am amazed at how great I feel! I am optimistic, I have focus, I’m revitalized and this whole experience has been a huge catalyst for me to move into a future I have wanted for some time. I’m sure I will be back for more!

D. Foster 2007


I was at the end of my rope trying to cope with a personal issue when I finally phoned Lynn out of desperation. Her non-judgmental support and caring helped me through a very dark time. She helped me determine what I wanted and needed in my life and helped me find the courage to make the necessary changes. I know I still have a long way to go but I know Lynn will be there for me every step of the way.

Deanna Jinjoe,
Vernon, BC


To whom it may concern:
Lynn Moore has been such a help and inspiration to me in my skin care business. She is never at a loss for the perfect answer I need. Her generosity has helped so many of us on our chat board. We would be at a loss without her knowledge!! Thanks so much Lynn! Hope you continue on the coaching and I would be privileged to be one of your clients!

Rosemary Linden
Image and Style Consultant
San Francisco, CA


Overall I found the coaching sessions to be: motivational, educational , challenging and an enjoyable and very positive experience. In the sessions, the most powerful thing personally for me was: being challenged. I was not permitted to dwell on mediocrity, safe practices or remain in my comfort zone for long. She immediately identified and styled her communications to my personality type and knew how to communicate and challenge me in a way that was effective and would produce results. I knew Lynn and I would make a perfect fit immediately upon first contact. She greatly assisted me in my endeavours by sharing personal experiences and offering wonderful resources and pieces of information that allowed me to accelerate my learning and increase my confidence in achieving my goals.

Laurie Hayes, Sudbury,
Ontario, Canada


Dear Lynn,

After the 9 sessions, I see all the positive changes in myself. It has made me take responsibility for me, gotten rid of the ‘poor me’ attitude, set boundaries, taken stock of my values and ethics. I am not a doormat to anyone or to be put down. Yes, even learned to word things differently so as not to be accusatory, to ask and not to assume. Think before I speak. It has even made me a stronger person inside. My self-esteem is way up like it has never been before. In fact with the coaching, I was able to deal with a marital issue that has been ongoing for 22 years.
You don’t criticize or admonish, but listen and with a few words get our minds on the right track. I will say what I mean, and mean what I say. You’re a great coach……I stepped through the door, flipped on the switch and stepped into a new light and life. Thank you.

Debra Schramm,
Peachland BC


Dear Lynn,

Where do I begin? You have shown me unconditional acceptance, as I have been coming to you for the past twenty years. You see through the “surface” and always have a bit of wisdom to share. Let me refer to last time that I was in. You helped me to see that by starting with the most simple task, I would get motivated to finish with the most difficult task – which was my ultimate goal. I have begun to move through the basic chores that I have needed, to complete my transition. Thank-you for helping me to see that starting with one basic step – I can move on, and finish the rest.

Pam Story
Special Education Therapist
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


To whom it may concern,

I have had the fortunate opportunity to know Lynn on a personal basis and have her touch my life. She has a silent strength that I respect and honor. Lynn’s nonjudgmental style has helped me with a few tough personal issues that I have had difficulty talking to anyone else about fearing that I would be judged. She is always there to listen or to guide or offer support. I find that her friendship is always available even when one doesn’t see her in a long time. She is honest, trustworthy and loyal, traits that I feel lack in the majority of society today. I can always rely on Lynn and also know that she is there for me.

Lisa Thistle
British Columbia


During a major crisis in my professional life – at age 51 my corporate position was terminated after 25 years of service. Lynn took me on as an ‘unofficial client”. With her coaching and guidance I recovered my self -confidence. She helped me understand that I had skills and talents that were transferable and could be used in other positions. She helped open my eyes to see that I was valuable and could bring value to others. It was with firm kindness that Lynn helped me to understand the new lesson that I was learning. There were tears, many of them, but at the end of the day she helped me square my shoulders and head out into the real world again.

Where am I now? I absolutely landed on my feet. Partnering with a dear friend we have developed a new company that this year will achieve 35 million dollars in sales. Life has never been so good. Thank you Lynn. I send you this message with love and caring in my heart – you were one of the only ones that I remember holding my hand during that awful summer. It still smarts sometimes but hey we will do that 35 Million in sales! WOO HOO. Love Joanne

Joanne Harvie
Vice President Finance and Operations and General Manager
Passion Parties Canada


Hi Lynn,

This is the year that I decided I’ve had enough of feeling stressed out and that I had to own up to the fact that it was because of the choices I’ve been making. This is the year that I knew I had to make a conscious decision about designing a new life. Lynn has been a great partner who gives me tools to get “unstuck”, to challenge me to take action in spite of my fears, who reminds me of my greatness when I forget. Lynn has created an environment where I feel comfortable and safe enough to talk about my life freely while helping me to prioritize my life. It’s nice to know I’m not alone on this journey and that Lynn has been there to provide comfort and support.

Sue Holtz,
Montana, USA


I have known Lynn for many years now (my how time flies) and have found her to be very generous with her time and knowledge. I admire the way she does not accept things she believes to be wrong and does research to find out what is more in line with her beliefs. She is also not afraid to pass on her findings and personal experiences whether positive or negative to others. She also listens and offers feedback when requested. I am blessed to know her and to be a part of her life.

Donna Wallin,
Armstrong, BC


Overall I found the coaching sessions to be very beneficial. As a coach myself, it is valuable to be coached by someone else. Lynn always has great feedback which helps me put things in perspective. In the sessions, the most powerful thing personally for me was the ability to realize some of my weak points in business. The most effective thing was Lynn helped me to become more aware of a “UAC” which was developed when I was very young, yet still has an impact today. I was impressed with her professionalism, attitude and ability to hold me accountable. Lynn is a great coach.

David Oldenberg,
Sacramento, CA, USA