Life At Home

Successful at Work, Struggling in Personal Life?

Your personal life could consist of:

Personal life with Dad-and-Son

   …….A small child climbing into your lap and
“I’m so happy you are my Mommy”
or “Daddy I love you”…..

Personal life with Thanks-Mum

……..The teen who ducks his/her chin and shyly utters,
“Thanks for coming to my game Dad”
or “Thanks for taking me shopping Mom”……

Personal life with Couple

   ……Private moments with a life partner
just to listen to each other,
have a leisurely, delicious meal together
or make love, all with no time constraints…..

Personal life Family-tree

…..A family doing things together,
whether it be working,
having fun, conversation,
eating, even squabbling and solving problems….

…..are worth every bonus, plaque, promotion, amount of money or colleague’s slap on the back you could have in ten lifetimes!

We humans need other people. We need to love and be loved. We need support and to be recognized for what we have achieved not just in our work-life, but more so in our whole-life. 

However, we are a society that has come to put way too much emphasis on ‘success’ measured in financial income and assets, titles and climbing corporate ladders. Thus, we have allowed success in our connections as just real people with needs, vulnerabilities, personal relationships, bodies and souls that need support, to take a distanced back seat.

This can cost us in big ways:  

  • Personal life and professional partnerships crumble
  • You find yourself living alone and wondering how it happened
  • Failed marriages
  • Distanced children
  • Ignored parents
  • Disabling stress
  • Personal illness
  • Low self worth
  • Depression

Life At Home Goaling is not about life-balance. It is not about your leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills or professional career skills.

It is about your LIFE skills, your goals to be a successful life partner, a guiding parent, have a strong family, to know your true identity as a holistic person and not just a professional person. Most of all, to totally know and love yourself without question. This is your life foundation

Healing the world begins with healing people. Healing people begins with building and healing relationships with respect, kindness, understanding, priorities, love, hope, loyalties and doing what it takes to stick together.  It can begin with you goaling for your life at home.

I invite you to spend a few minutes cruising this website to learn more about Life At Home Goaling and what we can offer you to begin, build, rebuild, heal and truly enjoy a loving, rewarding personal life along with your career life. 

I prefer to begin building a relationship with a person before they become a client. Therefore, I’d like to offer you a no-cost, one-on-one, hour-long conversation with me so I can listen to your story. We can get to know each other, and I can guide you to some clarity and a direction to begin this journey. Just click below to take the first step.

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