How Crocodiles May Have The Answer To One Of Our Greatest Fears

  My eyebrows slowly disappear up and into my hairline as I stare in utter incomprehension into the face of the clerk at the till. “Why???”, I manage to question. “Because its our policy”, replies the clerk. (Oh lawdy lawd, I’ve encountered my first Little Bureaucrat of the day in the bulk food store of

The Most Dangerous Person in Your Life (Caution, May Cause Laughter!)

Just who is this highly dangerous creature? The serial killer? Donald Trump? The insane terrorist? None of the above. Your chances of crossing the path of a serial killer or an insane terrorist are infinitesimally small and The Donald will fade into the asphalt following the election. Your chances of having to interact with this

Hear Or Listen, What’s The Difference?

Have you noticed people don’t take the time to truly listen to you anymore? It’s partly due to our frantic pace of life. Even our professionals don’t have time. Doctor’s appointments are limited to 10 minutes; dentists stuff our mouths with rubber dams, gloved fingers and weirdly shaped tools; hair stylists can’t hear us over