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“Inspirational Goaling”, the free iBook that is revolutionizing the way we choose and connect with our goals is:

  • A Story Book: How a volunteer mission to ancient Asia, including the rescue & adoption of a near-dead dog, changed my life and inspired this revolutionary new method of choosing and connecting with life goals
  • A How-To Book: Inspirational tools
  • A Moving Book: Will inspire laughter, tears and ah-ha’s galore
  • An Edu-taining read, just for you.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Are You:

Realizing your personal life is just as, or more, important than your career?

Rich in money, poor in love?

Living alone and wondering how that happened?

Struggling to be truly heard by your family?

Worried the relationship with your spouse/significant other is falling apart?

Can’t successfully communicate with your kids?

Grappling with health issues?

Waiting for you in this free iBook, you will:

  • Find belly-laughing humor and heart-tugging pathos as you follow me and my foibles in Nepal teaching English to Buddhist monks and searching for inspiration.

  • Fist pump and “Ah-Ha!” during the videos, audios, photos, written exercises, visualizations and more.

  • Peel off suffocating layers as you get closer to knowing your heart and your true self. 

  • Be astounded as you tap into the supportive, Universal energies surrounding you.

  • Find out there needn’t be any struggle in manifesting goals for your personal life.

 It’s Your Time To Turn Things Around !

Discover The Magic Waiting For You With Inspirational Goaling

Are you are a person who desires a life at home as successful and fulfilling as your career? This complementary gift will help you begin by embarking on a journey of fun and education.

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